Why you might need a Multivitamin/mineral supplement.

Does Your Body Need Nutrients?

mediterraen dietWith up to 80% of Australians and New Zealanders deficient in essential minerals, does your body need a nutrient top up?

If you have been feeling low in energy, getting frequent colds or finding your stress levels increasing, your body may be in need of important vitamins and minerals to function at its best.

You may also experience a decline in health and be at an increased risk of developing certain health conditions if your nutrient status is low. Those with health conditions, such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Coeliac Disease, or those exposed to excessive environmental or psychological stress may also have higher demands for particular vitamins and minerals.

The ideal way to replenish these key nutrients is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and take a high quality multivitamin and mineral supplement specifically targeted to your needs.Getting the optimal nutrient balance helps anti-ageing benefits, improves brain function, reduces stress responses, improved immune system function.

It is always helpful to ask your trained Natural Health Practitioner how you can meet the nutritional needs your body demands.

Nutrients Can Be Hard To Come By

A diet that is high in fresh fruits and vegetables can help provide you with plenty of nutrients and antioxidants. Even if we are being conscious of our health and food choices it can be difficult to get our optimal nutrient levels. The ideal diet contains 5 handfuls of vegetables (yes 5 handfuls!!) and 2-3 serves of fruit daily.

Unfortunately, many people have a low intake of fresh, nutritious foods, as busy lifestyles may tempt us to choose packaged and processed foods, low in essential nutrients.

The plant based foods we eat may also be lower in minerals if they are of a poor quality or grown in mineral deficient soils. E.G. Australian soils a very low in Magnesium due the to age of the land.

It can be hard to get all the nutrients we need from diet alone, so taking a daily multivitamin can complement a healthy diet for optimal.

Getting the right Nutritional support specifically For You

It is important to have a specific multivitamin and mineral supplement that suits you and your individual needs. When taking a multivitamin, it is important to choose one with therapeutic amounts of key nutrients to support you at different stages of life.

Your Natural Health Practitioner can recommend a multivitamin that is specifically formulated with your health in mind. There are different ranges to suit all ages, from childhood through to older age. There are also targeted formulas for men, women and pregnancy with therapeutic levels of nutrients to help you maintain wellness, wherever you are in life.

Phytonutrients and anti-oxidants from plant and herbal extracts can give synergistic support and additional benefits to your multivitamin formula.

•             Green tea and grape seed provide powerful antioxidants which can protect your DNA from damage, and support healthy ageing.

•             Broccoli sprouts are high in sulphoraphane which provide antioxidant activity that has been shown to protect against oestrogen dependant cancers.

•             Milk thistle may help maintain normal healthy liver detoxification. This can be supportive if you are exposed to pollution, alcohol, cigarettes or other toxins.

Quality Not Quantity is very important when it comes to choosing a Multivitamin/mineral Supplement.

The amounts of nutrients in a formula are just one part of the picture when it comes to choosing a good multivitamin and mineral formula. Other important factors to consider are quality and the forms of vitamins and minerals used.

•             To ensure you are getting the best supplement, it is essential that the highest standard of manufacturing process is used. It is also important that manufacturers test all raw ingredients, so that you can be confident that the multivitamin you are taking is the highest quality every time.

•             The forms of vitamins and minerals are important to consider when choosing a multivitamin. Each vitamin and mineral should be in a form that is physiologically active and absorbable, as not all forms are well absorbed.

Magnesium bisglycinate, a form of magnesium, has high bioavailability and does not compete with other minerals for absorption, ensuring you are getting maximum benefit from your multivitamin. Most over the counter supplements contain a cheaper less bioavailable form of magnesium

Nutrient Rich Foods a so very important

A good quality multivitamin can complement a healthy diet and lifestyle. Remember, we are what we eat most commonly, so choose healthier options as often as you can:

•             Eat seasonal, fresh and organic foods as often as possible.

•             Choose two serves of fresh fruits and at least three (preferably 5) of fresh vegetables daily. Making your plate look like a rainbow will give an abundance of essential nutrients and antioxidants to help maintain optimal wellness and flourishing Wellbeing. .

•             Include protein rich foods at every meal and snack.Wellness Pyramid4_A5

•             Enjoy one to two serves of starchy foods per day.

•             Include healthy oils, nuts and seeds in your diet too.

•             Drink a minimum of eight glasses of pure water per day and avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine, sugar and salt as these deplete nutrients from your body.

Compliment Your Day the Nutrient Way

It is really important to always remember the benefits that a healthy diet and regular exercise can bring you.

However if today’s busy lifestyles can often lead you to require key nutrients in higher amounts than what is possible to achieve through diet alone.

A good quality multivitamin and mineral formula packed with therapeutic levels of highly absorbable nutrients and herbs may be just what you need to achieve optimal health and wellness.

So if you feel that you could benefit from being prescribed the right multivitamin for your needs contact me at email hidden; JavaScript is required

In the meantime remember to  get the most out life choose your foods wisely , move your body and have some relaxation and playtime.

Supporting you to Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well and Flourish,


Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki (registered Chiropractor)

Wellbeing Empowerment Coach

Stress Reduction Expert

Sustainable Weightloss Coach