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Boost your Weight loss with This Daily Practise

Successful sustainable weight loss is made easier with a daily dose of self kindness.

Are you taking care of everyone except you? Showing kindness and caring to others while neglecting yourself? Do you spend time focusing on your family and feel guilty if you even think about spending time on yourself?

What if I were  to tell you that the a very  important tool for achieving your personal ideal weight, radiant health and vibrant wellbeing is to first begin treating yourself with loving kindness and true compassion?

To free yourself from being a slave to the Yo-yo dieting cycle it is vital to make time to discover what your needs are. Acknowledge them to yourself and others. Then begin to take action to see that they are being met.

Successful sustainable weight loss is about connecting to the self, learning about your body, mind and spirit.

  • It is about getting in touch with what you are really thinking and feeling.
  •  Asking questions such as what does my body really need right now?
  •  What’s my deepest need right now?
  • Then daring to ask the most important question of all “How can I begin to nurture myself and attend to that need?”

To create vibrant health, wellbeing as you successfully lose weight and end the repeated cycles of yo- yo dieting, it is important to go on the inner journey of self discovery.

That can seem scary and most of us would rather keeping looking for that magical miracle pill or diet that will solve our weigh issue, than take the journey into our own heart.

Within you  is where the secrets to why you keep sabotaging your efforts to lose weight can be found. By taking some time to quietly and compassionately observe what you are feeling as your head for the fridge or seconds, you can gain insight to those triggers.

Perhaps you are lonely, exhausted, a sad, feeling unlovable or super self critical. What do you really need here instead of food?  A nap; time out from the children; a chat with a friend; a few kind words for yourself?

The best way to combat cravings and binging is to stay in touch with your emotional and physical needs is to give yourself the gift of some time for you.

Even a small dose of self nurturing on a daily basis can help you to stop torturing yourself with repeated sabotaging behaviour and repeated diets that impose deprivation and a sense of shame.

By making peace with yourself, accepting who you are at the moment and focusing on who you want to become it is possible to nurture yourself slim.

This approach can transform your body, as you focus on evolving radiant good health and living from a place of vibrant flourishing wellbeing.

Many women have great difficulty in attending to their own needs. I personally believe that by learning how to care for yourself by attending to your emotional physical needs, eating well, moving your body in pleasurable ways and allowing space for your passions, you will not only have a healthier body, more energy and an increased passion for living you will be being a wonderful role model for your family and loved ones.

When you learn “to fit your own oxygen mask before assisting others” you will be happier and healthier as well as giving your children healthy life skills that they can carry with them for life.

When you tune into and attend to your needs in a healthy way all of your loved ones will benefit.

Supporting you on your journey to successful sustainable weight loss,


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Wellbeing Empowerment Coach

Weightloss Navigator