Why I Talk about Wellbeing and Flourishing

Wellness and Wellbeing

Wellness is defined as physical, mental and emotional health or soundness.

Wellbeing relates to our quality of life. It is defined as a deep balanced state of good physical and emotional health, happiness and quality relationships. Wellbeing is also often described as a good healthy or comfortable state. Most importantly wellbeing is about balanced integration of all these areas of life.


To flourish means to be healthy, strong or to grow well, especially as a result of the optimum conditions. It can also simply mean “do well.”

Just think of a flourishing plant. We all recognise one when we see it: it is healthy, looks great and has this real sense of aliveness about it. For a plant to be able to flourish it needs the correct balance of its individual needs: the right soil, sun, water and temperature for that particular plant. When these are provided it is easy for the plant to be healthy, grow and thrive.

We also need to be provided with a balance of the right conditions for our body, mind and spirit so we to can move from “surviving” to “flourishing.”

For us humans this means:

  • A good and proper amount of healthy fresh unprocessed foods
  • Good hydration
  • Movement, stretching and exercise
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Sense of purpose in life
  • Quality family connections and friendships
  • Doing some fun things, play , hobbies, etc

All of these aspects are vital. However, making decisions to provide the “right conditions” for a healthy body and addressing our mindset are the first steps towards thriving. Our health is our wealth.

I recently heard a medical researcher say that if we only think about our health when we are sick or have symptoms then we are choosing to live a life of reduced quality. Our every day choices create the fabric of our life.

I would love to see everyone experience vibrant wellbeing and a sense of flourishing in life.

What are you going to choose?