Does Exercise really help Weight-loss? The answer may surprise you!

Trying to lose weight by increasing your exercise? Does exercise really help weight-loss? the answer may surprise you

Many people try to lose weight by increasing the level of exercise that they do. It seems like a natural logical choice and isn’t it the advice that you are always given?

Unfortunately you cannot rely on exercise alone to manage your weight.

Research shows that consistently high or low energy expenditures result in consistently high or low appetites. In other words increased exercise also generally increases appetite. Also you have to do a lot of exercise to put the body into fat burning mode.

In Denmark a group of researchers actually did train some sedentary people to run marathons (26.2 miles). After eighteen months of training, and after actually running a marathon, the eighteen men in the study had lost an average of five pounds of body fat (not much for 18 gruelling months).

As for the nine women subjects, the Danes reported, “No change in body composition was observed.”  No change in body fat percentage. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Please understand that I am not advocating that you should not do any exercise.

All exercise is very important part of improving your health and fitness. It is a very useful part of any plan to reduce fat and improve health. Regular exercise can have loads of improved health and anti-aging benefits such as stress release, immune boost, and strengthen joints.

It just appears that exercise alone isn’t all that effective for weight loss. The research points clearly towards reducing insulin response as the means to reduce fat levels. This is done by decreasing the amount of man-made or processed carbohydrates in your diet. This will be covered in future posts.

Exercise definitely helps to tone the body. It can increase muscle tone as well as muscle mass. This helps us to feel fitter, be stronger and generally improves energy.

Whilst running is an aerobic form of exercise, which  in moderation is good for the heart and lung function it can be hard on joints especially if you are carrying more than 9 lbs ( 4 kilos) extra weight. For information on this please see my report on “The 6 Secrets that the Diet Industry won’t Tell you”.

In any sustainable weight-loss program, which I believe should really be called fat loss program as that is what we are really looking for, a mix of walking, stretching, swimming and a little free weight lifting. This would help to build muscle mass, improve your metabolism without creating any joint injury.

Walking just 20-30 minutes a day is great for improved health and wellness. The increased sense of fitness then helps our self esteem and is likely to result in less stress and better food choices. Begin by opening the front door, walking for 10-15 minutes and then turning around.

Exercise has a wonderful way of de-stressing the brain. Exercise literally floods the body with healthy hormones, that not only make you feel great, but also have a powerful way of switching off the “fight/flight” stress response that so damaging to our bodies and contributes to weight gain.

In terms of fat loss, (weight-loss) the research points clearly towards managing your body’s insulin response. This is best done through by decreasing the man made carbohydrates in your diet. Generally these are all the white flour products, confectionary, candy bars, and processed products such as packets of chips (Crisps). Again more information on this can be found in the free report on this blog site and will be covered in future blog posts also.

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