Want to Reach Your Health Goals? Know your “Why”

Are you about to set a new goal to lose weight or to improve your health and wellbeing?

Knowing  why you really want to reach that  weightloss or health goal is really important for a successful outcome.

  • Have you stopped to consider what it is that you are really hoping to achieve by setting this goal?
  • Does the thought of achieving it really set you on fire?
  • What benefit or gift will attaining it bring to you?

Have you set this intention before, only to sabotage it or go off track within a few days? If so then you most probably you have been acting from a place of “I should” be giving up smoking, exercising more, mediating, losing weight etc.

When coming from this frame of mind our focus is on what is wrong with us, and we are coming from a place of fear or shame.

Unfortunately this is almost a sure fired guarantee to failure.  The vast majority of people decide to make changes in their life by coming from a place of fear or moving away from. For example I better give up smoking because I might get cancer,  I must  lose weight because people are judging me  etc.

It is important to have a vision of a positive result, to know your deep in your body “YES!!! I want that” to effectively engage your subconscious mind into the process. This will amplify your commitment enormously. And here are the reasons why.

  • Our body will go in the direction of whatever it is that your mind is focused on.
  • Our subconscious mind needs an image to work towards; otherwise it will go back to running on our default programs.

Therefore if your vision is based on fear or other negative thinking, such as “I am  so fat!” and that is what you focus on,  your body  will have  no option than to give you more fat. (See article “Our Three Brains”  for more information on how this works.)

It is important to turn your focus onto the perceived benefits and desired outcome of attaining your changed behaviour.  This could be something like, feeling really proud that you are now in control, rather than being controlled by an addiction or old habits.

Other benefits might include feeling lighter, more flexible, increased energy, clear lungs, a longer healthier life etc.

When you have image of what attaining this goal will really mean for you then make that image really big and bright, feel it in your body and see how much better that feels.

Now you can hold that vision vividly in your mind whenever you are tempted to slip into old ways.   With this simple action you  will find it easier to move towards a healthier more vibrant flourishing you?

Keep an eye out for more blog posts on the importance  of your  correct mindset and how new thoughts can rewire your brain to help create a new you.



P.S. I welcome   comments and would love to hear  what your health goal is and  why you really want it. .