Was your New Year’s Resolution for 2012 to lose Weight once and for all?

Did it sound something like this “That’s it! This year I just have to pull myself together, apply some discipline and lose that weight!

Did you make these same resolutions last year? Are you about to go on another diet and exercise regime?

Every year the majority of people (me included) make a firm resolution to make some positive change to their lifestyle. Yet every year more than 90% of people will have failed to keep that resolution by the end of January.

The sadder fact is the success rates of for shedding fat and successfully losing weight is even lower. The new statistics show that over 95% of diets fail.

It is already the end of the first week of 2012 and I am wondering how you are going with keeping and implementing your New Year resolutions. Have you already broken that vow to yourself? Or perhaps you haven’t even started it yet?

It just seems that New Year Resolutions just do not work.

So am I saying that you should give up on trying to shift that excess fat? No not at all!

I encourage change, in the all areas of life but especially  those areas that influence personal health, wellbeing, self-esteem. Making changes to your lifestyle that result in fat loss and muscle gain is one of the best health improvement choices that you can make.

Successfully making changes here will enable you to live a longer healthier happier life. In short have your life Flourish.

However perhaps there is a different way that is more likely to successfully create the changes that you would like to achieve.

In the 2011 and again in 2012 I have dropped the word “resolution” and instead focused on what is my intention to evolve in my life and bring into my life this year.

The word resolution means “a firm decision to do something” and this word is generally applied to resolving a problem and fixing something that isn’t working. In the context of New Year’s Resolutions it is generally applied to something that we are judging to be “wrong” about ourselves. Often it is also trying to solve the same problem the same way over and over again. (This by the way is Einstein’s definition of insanity)

 On the other hand the word Intention means “the quality or state of having a purpose in mind” and to Evolve is the gradual development of something into a better or more complex form”.

I personally believe that to form an  strong intention and vision of how you would like your weight/health/ self-esteem/confidence/life etc to change this year is a much more powerful way to generate the change that you want to achieve.

So I invite to create some quiet time for yourself free form distractions and to really contemplate how you want to feel about yourself and your life. Remember the focus in not on what you don’t want, but on the positive of what you do want.

Take a look at the resolutions that you made and really feel what the purpose of your vision really is, what it really is that you are wanting to evolve and experience.

Why do you really want to lose weight?

Is your resolution “coming from a place of fear?   For example, I don’t want to get develope diabetes; be judged as fat, Etc.

Knowing the deeper “why” of your vision of what you are wanting to change  and then wording this as a positive deeply felt intention will  have a completely different ” feel” and quality about it.

This one action will engage the help of your subconscious brain and dramatically increase your chances of success .

The subconscious part of your brain (which is in fact the real decision maker) is really only able to give you what you focus on. So if you focus attention is “on being overweight”, “fat” or “ what a failure you are”, that is what you will get more of.  For more information on how your brain works read Our Three Brains.

Focus on the benefits of the changes that you want to make, notice how your life would be improved? How you would feel when achieving this?

This shift in your mindset can work wonders.

It is also important to then take one small action step and apply it consistently until it is a habit. Watch for my next post on successfully applying changes to your life.

What it is that you are intending to evolve this year? How will that evolution benefit you and make you feel?

I would love to read what it is. So do post a comment below.

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Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki (Registered health practitioner)

Sustainable Weight-loss Coach.

Wellbeing Empowerment and Stress Relief Expert