Slow your Rate of Ageing by Staying Strong part 2

In 2009, German scientists won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for demonstrating that “The fitter a person is in middle-age or onward, the younger their cells.”

In other words, you can slow your rate of aging by staying strong — or you can grow old faster by allowing your body to become weak and frail.

It is important to start banking some muscle mass for your old age — and to resist the seductive call of the couch. It is important to get out and do some exercise daily. Not only will you look and feel better it will help your recovery should you ever be ill or need surgery.

Here’s why: The protein that is found in muscle tissue is a vital component in the body repairing itself process.  If you get ill or need surgery, your body calls upon the protein in muscles to repair itself. That’s why a patient who’s bedridden for even only a few days loses noticeable muscle tone and mass.

Your body has used that protein for repair.

Most people when trying to develop strength and power devote their time to going to the gym, doing a little cardiovascular work and lifting weights. Generally the approach is to push themselves as much as is physically possible.

There is no doubt that lifting weights builds muscle mass. But does this mean that you have to sign up to the gym and go and lift weights as the only means to having good muscle tone ands strength. In Fact….

Weight-Lifting Isn’t for Everyone!  Nor is it necessary for good muscle tissue.

Lifting weights can be hard on your joints, painful to do and it is easy to hurt yourself. This is especially true if you are starting out on a fitness regime for the first time or in your 40’s and above.

Injuries commonly associated with weight lifting can include: strained backs and necks, torn tendons in joints especially in shoulders and elbows. This can happen even if you are using the right techniques.

Many people just don’t have the genetics to cope with the intense demands upon the bones, joints, muscles, tendons and cartilage.

there is hope no matter how old you or how long it is since you did any form of exercise. There is however plenty that we all can do.

Remember we don’t have to be super athletes to be improving our health and slowing down our rate of ageing.

Active body stretching such as the type found in Pilates and Yoga has been scientifically shown to not only increase flexibility but muscle strength and therefore muscle mass as well.

Dancing, walking, swimming, tennis, Martial arts and Tai Chi will all improve muscle tone and well as give you a good cardio workout.

Even regularly gardening, cleaning and carrying your own shopping will help. Performing simple isometric resistance exercises or using a stretch band at home will also help.

So mix it all up a little and enjoy different levels of activity. The aim is to try to daily involve yourself in 20-30 mins of enjoyable physical activity and exercise.

Point is to “Get that body moving” not only will it help maintain healthy  muscle and  keep you slimmer it also has many other benefits such as improve brain  activity,  improved immunity, better stress management, to name a few, but more on that in the future.


What type of movement and exercise could you incorporate into your life?

Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below.


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