Sabotaging your Weightloss or is it Self Protection?

Do you find yourself setting off on a new weight loss regime, full of commitment and determination only to find yourself somehow “blowing” your weight loss efforts before you reach your goal?

Does this sometimes happen within days of beginning your new program? Or is it as you nearly reach your goal?

When finding yourself in this situation it is so easy to simply blame yourself and think that you are just lazy, undisciplined, hopeless, doomed to never succeeding. You know that you really want to change but you just can’t figure out why you have sabotaged yourself yet again.

What if you aren’t really sabotaging yourself, due to any of those reasons, but actually protecting yourself?

Yes, that’s right protecting yourself!

What protecting myself! “No way” you say! How could I be protecting myself by staying fat, sluggish and overweight?????

Yet I have seen this very situation happen time and time again.

For over twenty years now I have been interested in the workings of the mind and especially the role of the subconscious mind in our daily lives. It began with studying Hypnosis in 1985, some NLP, then fully immersing myself in Neuro-Emotional Technique, and more recently FasterEft. Working with emotions and subconscious mind and has become the foundation of all my therapeutic work.

In that time while working with thousands of clients I have come to deeply understand that any repeated “sabotaging” behaviour has some underlying desire at self protection behind it. Frequently a “part of you” is protecting you by keeping you the way you are.

A primary role of the subconscious mind is to ensure our “survival”. While we like to think that we are thinking people functioning making logical choices, in fact our neocortex or legal brain in only responsible for 5-15 % of our choices. That right, psychologists and scientist now agree that at best we are only 15% conscious of our choices and motivations! That means that 85% of our actions and choices are made by the subconscious brain. This has been explored in detail in my article Our Three Brains.

Our emotions are governed by the subconscious brain which is also the formulator of our beliefs. So if some part of you, believes that it is somehow safer for you to remain overweight, obese, in poor health, etc then that is what will tend to happen.

These subconscious beliefs based upon are based upon past experiences of not being safe. Thought you may now be in an entirely different situation, until you have taken a look at what old belief could be about it will continue to remain in operation.

Some examples of this “self protection” that I have seen operating in my clients have been beliefs based on previous experiences such as ;

  • “it is not safe for me to be my ideal weight”( eg too much unwanted attention, previous abused  or treated badly when slimmer and often younger)
  • “It is better that I remain invisible” (similar to  the circumstances above”
  • “Others will be jealous if I am attractive and happy”( possibly the result of some teenage bullying or abandonment)
  • “I can’t cope if I am my ideal weight” ( one client eventually recalled that she had had a nervous breakdown due to exhaustion when she was last at her ideal weight.)

In all instances being able to uncover, acknowledge, understand and clear the residual stress physiology from these unresolved emotions resulted in these clients being able to achieve sustainable weightloss success.

So I invite you to take a look at what were your feeling just before you “blew” your last diet, stopped exercising etc. Also what might be the benefits of staying as you are?

Just quietly asked the questions:-

“What could be the advantage of staying the same?”  Answers might be, it’s safer, I am accepted like this, etc

or   “What could be a negative of reaching my weightloss goal”? …not safe, risk abandonment, others won’t like, etc

Watch what comes into your mind. One tip is that it will rarely appear to be a logical answer and you will most likely want to dismiss that thought. You may be surprised with what you get to understand about yourself.

Uncovering your hidden sabotages by yourself can be really difficult precisely because it comes from your subconscious mind and will often not appear to have any logic.

Fortunately there are so many wonderful new techniques and processes that can help you discover what drives your emotional overeating and weightloss sabotage. My favourite processes to use are Neuro-Emotional Technique,  FasterEFT supported by Transformational coaching and Hypnosis if required.

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Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki (Registered health practitioner)

Sustainable Weight-loss Coach

Wellbeing Empowerment and Stress Relief Expert