Sabotaging your Weightloss or is it Self Protection?

Do you find yourself setting off on a new weight loss regime, full of commitment and determination only to find yourself somehow “blowing” your weight loss efforts before you reach your goal?

Does this sometimes happen within days of beginning your new program? Or is it as you nearly reach your goal?

When finding yourself in this situation it is so easy to simply blame yourself and think that you are just lazy, undisciplined, hopeless, doomed to never succeeding. You know that you really want to change but you just can’t figure out why you have sabotaged yourself yet again.

What if you aren’t really sabotaging yourself, due to any of those reasons, but actually protecting yourself?

Yes, that’s right protecting yourself!

What protecting myself! “No way” you say! How could I be protecting myself by staying fat, sluggish and overweight?????

Yet I have seen this very situation happen time and time again.

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