Recent research Studies are linking Stress and Infertility

Recent research Studies are linking  Stress and Infertility

Infertility has until recently been primarily thought of as a purely physical issue.

Recent research  studies are liking stress and infertility as scientific researchis however is beginning to indicate Fertility may be impaired by psychological distress.

It also indicates that depressive symptoms may reduce the efficiency of infertility treatment.

In our society it is commonly accepted that emotional distress, and chronic stress, otherwise known as psychosomatic disharmony, could be related to physical malfunctions and illness in the body.

However the research over the last twenty years has begun to change this line of thinking. There are several recent research studies that support the growing belief that the mind-body connection is a vital part of the conception process.

These studies also support the theory that psychological distress can have a significant adverse impact on success rates in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Researchers have concluded that the success rates of high-tech infertility treatment can be adversely affected by psychological stress.

Mind/body relaxation could improve your fertility.

Mind/body treatment such as Relaxation training, Hypnotherapy and Counseling of infertility patients has shown, to both increase pregnancy rates as well as reducing psychological distress.

I thought that you might like to see some of these studies.

In one of the studies, women with depressive symptoms were half as likely to conceive as women who were not depressed.

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Infertile women using mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42%-55% conception rate compare to 20% with in vitro fertilisation.

  1. In another recent study of 151 women scheduled to undergo an IVF cycle, the chance of a live birth was 93 percent higher in women with the highest positive-affect (or positive mood and good mental health) score.
  2. In a recent study conducted at the Mind-body Medical Institute (MBMI), 185 women who had been trying to conceive for one to two years were randomized into either a 10 week mind/body group, a ten week support group, or a routine care control group. The birth rates during the one year follow up period were as follows: – Mind/body 55%, support 54%, and controls 20%.
  3. In addition the mind/body patients reported significantly greater psychological improvements than the support or control patients.
  4. in four published studies on several hundred women with an infertility duration of 3.5 years, 42 percent conceived within six months of completing  a mind/body program involving Hypnotherapy, Relaxation training. There were  also significant decreases in all measured psychological symptoms including depression, anxiety and anger.
  5. In one study Dr. Peter Quinn a pioneer in the field, used hypnotherapy with a group of women between the ages of 26 and 42 who had durations of infertility lasting from 2-12 years. 65% of the women went on to have a successful full-term pregnancy. The positive results from these studies suggest that the sub-conscious mind may be an overlooked factor in the treatment of fertility.
  6. The study of 185 woman found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group
  7. A study in Fertility Sterility (1998, vol. 69) suggests that because mind/body programs are effective for reducing negative emotions that may impair IVF success, IVF patients should be offered this type of program
  8. Use of stress reducing therapies early in the process increase IVF success rates (in this study from 20% to 52%). Fertility and Sterility, 2011

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