The Complex Nature of Obesity and Sustainable Weight Loss

Obesity is an ever growing and complex problem in the western world and is a major risk factor in many chronic and serious illnesses. Despite a flood of Diets and low fat foods we as paper obesity crisisa nation continue to get fatter.

Yet time and time again the focus of Weight loss programs is on the calorie reduction and the quick fix. Many “fad diets” are poorly designed, nutritionally deficient and not at all wholistic. The complex nature of obesity and sustainable weightloss success is most time overlooked.

The factors affecting and contributing to difficult to shift weight gain are variable and complex and may include such issues as hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, insulin resistance, toxicity and inflammation.

Another extremely important factor is our emotions and mindset. Low self esteem, conflicting and self sabotaging beliefs systems, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, perfectionism are frequently overlooked and masked factors contributing to emotional eating. The majority of weight loss programs do not address these issues in any true depth.

It is important to understand what you are “hungry for” and to discover what your subconscious self sabotaging beliefs so that you can stop battling with emotional eating.

Weight loss is far from just being a cosmetic issue. It is serious healthcare.

Healthy sustainable fat loss requires that dietary and lifestyle changes be made. However if the underlying driving factors are not addressed, lasting weight loss and body composition changes may not be attainable.