Obesity and Sustainable Weight Loss is Complex. It requires more than a simple Solution.

Obesity and sustainable weight loss is complex.

It requires more than a simple solution that is  usually offered by the media and weightloss industry.

Obesity and sustainable weightloss is  complex.Obesity and sustainable weightloss is a multi-factorial issue that involves many factors that are different for each person.

These may include, emotional eating triggers, previous low self esteem, not knowing the correct way to eat, stress, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid function, hormonal imbalance. Therefore weight-loss programs should address so much more than calorie restriction to ensure success healthy sustainable weight-loss.

Obesity is an ever growing and complex problem in the western world and is a major risk factor in many chronic and serious illnesses. Despite a flood of Diets and low fat foods we as a nation continue grow ever more overweight.

Yet time and time again the focus of most Weight loss programs is on the calorie reduction and the quick fix. The truth is that many “fad diets” are poorly designed, nutritionally deficient and not at all wholistic (this spelling is deliberate as I  referring to the Whole picture, the whole person).

The factors affecting and contributing weight gain and difficult to loss weight, are variable and complex. These factors may include include such issues as hormonal imbalances, chronic stress, insulin resistance, toxicity and inflammation.

The majority of weight loss programs do not address these issues in any true depth. Instead they seem to focus on the idea that your body is a bank account system and that you only have to balance calories in with calories used.

Another extremely important factor in sustainable successful weight loss is our emotions and mindset. Low self esteem, conflicting and self sabotaging beliefs systems, feelings of anxiety and overwhelm, perfectionism are frequently overlooked and masked factors contributing to emotional eating.

Mindset and your self- beliefs are the most important factor in winning the battle of re-occurring Yo-Yo dieting.

It is important to understand what you are “hungry for” and to discover what your subconscious self sabotaging beliefs are so that you can stop battling with emotional eating.

Weight loss is far from just being a cosmetic issue. It is serious healthcare matter. We all know that obesity and being overweight can lead to such serious health issues as diabetes, heart disease, increase blood pressure and inflammation. But did you know that it can increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, rectal and breast cancer as well as general premature ageing.

Healthy sustainable fat loss requires that dietary and lifestyle changes be made. However if the underlying driving factors are not addressed, lasting weight loss and body composition changes may not be attainable.

Research shows that more than 85% of people who loss weight will have gained it all back, usually with a bit extra within 12 months.

So that you can avoid this happening to you need to look beyond the idea of “let’s quickly drop a few lbs (kilos) so I can fit into that new dress”. Repeated dieting decreases your metabolic rate, fatigues your adrenals as well as deflates your self esteem.

To successfully loose the weight, keep it off, in a healthy manner it is in my opinion important that you take an integrated approach. This should include a deeper exploration of the underlying thinking that created the problem, lifestyle and nutritional changes and a have a focus on long-term increased improved health, vitality and wellbeing.

This is the approach that I am committed to providing in my Nurture Yourself Slim services and programs. Everything that I stand for based on my mission to reduce suffering and to support, inspire and empower women as they evolve vibrant wellbeing.

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I am committed to supporting you to successful sustainable weight loss so that you can feel happier and healthier in your skin,



Sonja Gwosdezki. D.C.

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