Nurture Yourself to Flourishing Wellbeing


Nurturing yourself is caring for your basic needs on a daily basis so that you personally flourish. It includes self-care, routines and rhythms, healthy personal boundaries and engaging in some fun activities.

Many of us think of self-care as something we do when we need to regain our health, get us through a stressful time, or reward ourselves for working hard. Once we “get there’, we often stop caring for ourselves.

However, self nurturing is best experienced as a daily practice. Caring for your needs is something you will benefit from if practised as part of your lifestyle. Nurturing yourself is actually a vital foundational piece to keeping healthy, whole and able to flourish.

When you are aware of, and attending to your emotional and physical needs in a way that supports your total wellbeing not only are you more likely to experience reduced stress, increased energy, improved longevitity and  glowing health but you are also less likely to be affected by emotional eating and being overweight.

With life more balanced, by even little acts of self care and acknowledgement, you can feel calmer, more centred and better able to make the changes that are necessary to be able to reach your personal goals. Nurturing yourself is a vital component of successful weight management and ending the repetitive cycle of dieting and self deprivation.

For a plant to flourish it needs to be planted in the conditions that best suit that type of plant.

With the right type of nourishing soil, enough water, correct temperature and sunlight plants are easily able to grow to their full beauty.  These separate factors work together to grow a healthy plant that will naturally flourish.

Acts of self care and nurturing create a firm basis for personal growth and a sense of wellbeing. They create a synergy that allows you to grow as well. Self care is also an act of self respect.  On going acts of self kindness can take the form  of committing to creating the right environment so that you can thrive and flourish. It’s a form of love in action.

By taking care of our physical, emotional and spiritual needs we are creating the right conditions so we to can “flourish”.  Each person will have a different set of “right conditions”. It may take some time, awareness, effort and dedication to yourself to discover what those conditions are and to change ingrained behaviours and beliefs that prevent you from being well, living well and flourishing.

Let’s take a moment to explore what you need to create flourishing wellbeing?

What are your self care routines?

What things when you stop doing them lead to weight gain, overeating, bingeing, a sense of hopelessness, stress, depression, fatigue and  illness etc?

What if present in your life leaves you feeling really nourished?

What is one thing you can do to nurture yourself today?

What are your “right” conditions that allow you to have flourishing wellbeing?

If you were flourishing, what would you have in your life that you don’t have now?

What would you have to “let go of “so that you could experience flourishing wellbeing and your ideal weight?

What is the personal cost of denying yourself kindness and nurturing?


I would love for you to leave a comment regarding this concept or share how you might be denying yourself “kindness and nurturing”.

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Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki

( Registered Chiropractor)

Wellbeing Empowerment   and Stress Reduction Coach

Sustainable weight-loss Coach