Strong Muscles Slow Down Rate of Premature Aging

Weak muscles, lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle   create a fast lane to aging.

Having good muscle tone helps you look and feel younger and stronger. Maintaining good muscle tone throughout life is an important factor in reducing the rate at which our body ages.

Here is some of the information that I feel you will need to know  so that you can understand why.

Beginning at about age 30, the human body naturally begins to lose more than half a kilo of muscle every year. This rate of muscle mass loss increases rapidly from age 50 onwards. Even if your weight remains stable over these decades, your percentage of  fat tissue :muscle tissue will have significantly increased if you do not perform any form of exercise.

Why is this so scary?

Muscle mass loss and reduced flexibility  together form a major factor in falls and hip fractures later in life. Amongst the people who break their hip, 50% don’t survive it to recover and another 25% have a significant disability for the rest of their lives. Frailty, flexibility and poor balance  contribute significantly to  poor quality of life . I see evidence of this occurring in people as young as 35.

Poor muscle tone and a sedentary lifestyle are also a major factor in the development of osteoporosis as condition where calcium is lost from the bones causing them to be weak and brittle.

Because muscle tissue burns more calories than any other tissue not having adequate lean muscle tissue invites fat and flab. Fewer muscles equal more body fat (even if you are still your usual weight).

Your body will be physically weaker and you metabolism slows down. This generally leads to weight gain and less energy which in turns feeds the cycle of muscle tissue loss weight gain etc.

That “middle age spread” may seem harmless enough but if allowed to grow it increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Your circulation slows. Arteries clog. And your sex life suffers.

And it isn’t just your body that declines. Being sedentary shrinks your brain, affecting your memory and cognitive abilities.

No matter what your age is, age for age, all other factors being equal, the stronger your body is, the more youthful  you  will be.

Losing muscle is like taking a fast lane to rapid aging.

When you’re weak and out of shape, you tend to be tired and don’t feel like physical activity….  This becomes self perpetuating and sets up a cycle that hastens even more muscle loss.

Before you realize it, you’re looking and feeling “old” — even if you’re only in your 40s, 50s, or 60s.

The important message here is that to slow down aging and improve the quality of your health now and in your retirement is to “get that body moving!”

In part two  I will present some research on how exercise  can create more youthful cells,  what type of movement /exercise  will benefit us.


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