How to Successfully Implement Changes for Sustainable Weightloss Success

Implementing the changes needed to achieve sustainable weight loss success can seem like an easy thing to do but in reality can be surprisingly difficult to sustain.

In my last blog post I explored why most New Year’s Resolutions to Lose Weight fail and a mindset and focus shift that can dramatically increase your likely hood of sustainable weight-loss success.

I cannot over emphasise the importance of taking the time to really understand the   “The big Why, of your goal to lose weight and excess fat?”   (Let’s face it what you really want, is to lose the excess fat not weight.)

So if for some reason you have skipped this step, I highly recommend that you stop what you are doing right now, and go back to that step. For extra guidance with why this is such an important step could I suggest that you read Want to Reach Your Health Goals?  Then know your “Why”.

When you know the real “Why” and have the vision then come back to this post to see how to successfully make the changes needed so that you can successfully lose the fat.

Now that you are ready to begin making changes to your diet and lifestyle the most important thing to do is to B-E-G-I-N — S-L-O-W-L-Y. Yes that’s correct begin slowly.

By implementing one change at a time, preferably about a week apart your chances of this becoming a lasting habit increases dramatically. Does this seem too slow?  I understand that like the majority of people You want to change everything right now!

But please remember that most diets fail for exactly that reason and only 8% of people are ever successful in achieving their resolutions.

By slowly changing your lifestyle one step at a time, preferably one step each week, there is less overwhelm. The changes that you make have a chance to become a habit.

As it is our daily habits that create our life, by forming healthy new habits you have the foundations to be well on the way to finally being free of yo-yo dieting and end emotional eating patterns.

Please remember that research shows that for a new action to become a habit it needs to be applied for minimum of 28 days in a row; 35 days in a row and it is now well imbed into your thinking patterns and 45 days will make it  an automatic action.

So by making small consistent changes that you build on, new habits can be formed. As it is our daily habits that create our life, by forming healthy new habits you have the foundations to be well on the way to finally being free of yo-yo dieting and  to end emotional eating patterns.

You could look at it this way, if you make one change a week for a year, by the end of the year that would be a whopping 52 changes in your diet and lifestyle.

That is a lot of change. Just imagine how different your life would be with just 8 significant changes!

There are some common changes that can be made to begin the fat loss process, increase your energy and feel great.

  1. Drink 6-8 glasses of filtered water daily. Keep committing to doing that daily until it is automatic for you.
  2. Walk, exercise or dance for a minimum of 15 mins daily at a pace where you could talk but not sing.
  3. Before you go back for a second serve or before you open the fridge/pantry door, stop, check in with your feelings and ask yourself, “What am I really hungry for? Do I really need to eat?”
  4. Cut your coffee intake down to 1-2 cups a day.  Did you know that, One Starbucks Grande Cappuccino is 120 calories?  That’s before adding any sugar!!!
  5. Start removing all processed foods and baked goodies from your diet.
  6. Reduce carbohydrate intake to 2 small serves daily
  7. Eat a big bowl of salad daily. (No creamy dressings)
  8. Make sure that by now you are eating 5-7 serves of vegetables a day and 2 serves of fruit.

As you can see these cumulative weekly changes would be starting to make a big difference in how you were feeling as well as creating fat-loss changes.

Small changes that are applied consistently  can lead to extraordinary results.

Let me know what 8 changes you think that you will make as you work towards sustainable lasting weight.

Oh and do Watch for my next few blogs, where I will explore the individual benefits that each change that I mentioned would have on your metabolism, rate of fat loss, health and wellbeing.

Passionately committed to supporting you in reaching your ideal weight as learn how to nurture yourself slim,



Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki (Registered health practitioner)
Sustainable Weight-loss Coach
Wellbeing Empowerment and Stress Relief Expert