Four Tips to Increase Your Food Pleasure and Easily Eat Less and Increase Weight Loss.

Often when we want to lose weight or create fat-loss,  or are concerned about our weight and body image we frequently eat while distracted as though if “I eat it quickly it will somehow not stick to my hips.”

This strategy generally misfires as it usually results in eating way more than we intended or we need.

Distracted or mindless results in overeating as the brain does not register that you are full. For more information on this you may like to read a previous blog post “Eat less easily, lose Weight and Enjoy your Food more!  Discover one simple behaviour change can make this a reality”.

So instead of going on another diet or restriction and deprivation why not start to learn to eat more consciously. This simple act has many health benefits as well as aiding natural sustainable weightloss.

This involves taking the time to use all of our physical senses while we are eating.

So before you begin eating any food it is really important to..

1.  Really Look and Appreciate.

If a food is worth eating then I suggest that you should stop and take a look at it.  Really appreciate it. Take a look at how it sits on your plate. Is it nicely presented? What colours are there?

How your food looks significantly contributes to you sense of satisfaction. Have you ever noticed that you eat less when go out to a good restaurant and the food is presented in a lovely manner?

Research has shown that eating all of your food thrown together into a bowl result in twice as much food being consumed than putting all of the ingredients separately onto a nice plate.

Taking the time to look at your food will also send information from your brain to your stomach letting it know that you are about to eat something. This means that you start to produce the digestive enzymes that you need to break the food well. Better digestion results in much more goodness being extracted from the food you have eaten.

So try this strategy. You may be surprised all of the benefits it brings. Please watch out for more simple strategies to end the dieting war and begin the path to developing a gentle relationship with yourself first. Then you can watch your body transform.

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Sonja Gwosdezki D.C.

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