How to Successfully Implement Changes for Sustainable Weightloss Success

Implementing the changes needed to achieve sustainable weight loss success can seem like an easy thing to do but in reality can be surprisingly difficult to sustain.

In my last blog post I explored why most New Year’s Resolutions to Lose Weight fail and a mindset and focus shift that can dramatically increase your likely hood of sustainable weight-loss success.

I cannot over emphasise the importance of taking the time to really understand the   “The big Why, of your goal to lose weight and excess fat?”   (Let’s face it what you really want, is to lose the excess fat not weight.)

So if for some reason you have skipped this step, I highly recommend that you stop what you are doing right now, and go back to that step. For extra guidance with why this is such an important step could I suggest that you read Want to Reach Your Health Goals?  Then know your “Why”.

So now that you know the real “WHY”have created a vision of it would feel to have achieved that goal  and you a REALLY  ready to begin making changes to your diet and lifestyle the most important thing to do is to B-E-G-I-N — S-L-O-W-L-Y. Yes that’s correct begin slowly.

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