Its Official!It is easier to sharpen your focus and stick to your goals with Meditation.

Did you know that Meditation Sharpens Your Focus and Helps You Stay on Track?

Decades of research have shown that meditation benefits the brain in many ways helping it to stay focused, on track and able to complete tasks or achieve a short or long term goal.

Meditation has been found to enhance focus and supercharge energy, while strengthening your brain’s brake on impulsive behaviour.

Dr. Daniel Amen’s Clinics regularly perform SPECT scans of the brain to observe brain function under various conditions. (SPECT stands for single photon emission computed tomography. It is a nuclear medicine study that uses radioisotopes as tracking devices to look at living brain tissue. A SPECT scans looks at blood flow and activity patterns, in other words it looks at how the brain is functioning and is different than CAT scans and MRIs which look at physical structure. )

In Dr Amen’s clinic SPECT scan study was performed on a form of mediation called Kirtan Kriya. In this study 11 people were SPECT scanned on one day when they didn’t meditate and then again the next day during a meditation session.

The brain imaging scans taken after meditation indicated significant increases in activity in the prefrontal cortex. Besides being the front of the brain physically, it is responsible functions, which include mediating conflicting thoughts, making choices between right and wrong or good and bad, predicting future events, and governing social control — such as suppressing emotional or sexual urges.
Given the functions of the PFC increased activity there shows that meditation helps people tune in, not out.

Researchers from other labs around the world have also demonstrated that meditation enhances activity in the brain’s prefrontal cortex (PFC), even to the point of boosting the numbers of brain cells.

The better your Pre Frontal Cortex functions, the more focused and energetic you feel and the less impulsive you are. That helps you to complete tasks efficiently and effectively as you will have more energy and be less easily distracted. Good Pre Frontal Cortex function also reduces any tendency to impulsive behaviour.

This will make it easier to stick to any goal such a healthy eating program, increase your self-control so you can say “no” to unhealthy foods such as a giant tub of buttered popcorn and a large coke at the movies making weight-loss easier also.

Contrary to the belief that meditation slows you down the improved PFC activity can pump you up and increase your motivation to exercise or give you more energy just to play and have fun.

So if you want to improve your concentration, make better decisions and have greater clarity, then add some meditation into your daily self care routine. It is free, you can benefit from as little as 10 minutes of meditation and there are so many different forms to choose from.

Other established benefits of meditation are improve immune function, reduced depression and anxiety, greater sense of wellbeing and it   slows down ageing.( who doesn’t want a little of that?). The stress reduction benefits of meditation also reduces adrenal fatigue and makes weight-loss easier to achieve.

Supporting you to stay well, get well, live well and flourish,


Dr Sonja Gwosdezki
(Registered Chiropractor)
Wellbeing Empowerment and Stress Relief Consultant
Sustainable Weight loss Coach