Make Peace with your Food so you can STOP dieting!

Are you yearning to be able to finally get off the constant cycle of gaining weight-dieting- losing weight- regaining the weight-dieting again treadmill?

In order to break this cycle and experience sustainable weight-loss success you need to be able to come to a point in your life where the food is just not that important to you anymore.

A place where your mind is free from constantly thinking about your weight or food, and you are confident that your weight is basically the same as it was last week, last month or even last year.

This will be a place where you feel healthy, happy in your skin and you live in a diet free world.

Does this seem like a dream that you have been dreaming of for so long but unable to reach?

It is possible to live in such a world but in order to be living that way you need to be able to make peace with your food.

Most women approach the food weight loss “battle” this way. They believe that in order to be able to be happy and at peace with who they are, they have to lose the weight first. This belief will keep you locked in the “I have just have to use my will power to control my food and lose weight.”

It is definitely possible to be at peace with food!

To be able to reach this place you have to beyond the concept that it is all about the food. Peace with food is not really about the food.

It is my belief that in order to make peace with your food you need to be have been to be able to make peace with yourself and your life first.

In order to make peace with whom you are and your life you might need to step out of your comfort zone and take a look at how you are living your life.

A good way to do that is to ask yourself some meaningful questions such as:-

  1. Do you use food to calm you when you are stressed or anxious?
  2. What thoughts are creating that stressed feeling or anxiousness?
  3. Am I eating because I am lonely?
  4. Am I busy rushing, taking care of everything and everyone except me?
  5. Am I skipping meals, getting tired and then just cramming anything quick into my mouth?
  6. Do I constantly criticize or condemn myself?
  7. Am I bored with my life?

Taking the time to observe how you are living your life, what your inner critic is saying, as well as looking at that ways you might be using food as a friend will set you on the path towards peace with yourself and food.

No food plan will ever be able to help you reclaim your self esteem and enable you to believe in your own self worth, beyond a temporary fix.

Nor will a diet help you or overcome your sense of overwhelm, lack of assertiveness or loneliness,

Food will only lose its power over you when you reclaim your own personal power.  This will enable you put food back into its rightful place of providing nourishment and will help you to stop seeing food as your friend.

I also believe that a crucial part of making peace with yourself is in learning how to nurture yourself. Learning how to,

  • say NO to the requests or demand of others sometimes,
  • to set personal boundaries,
  • to make your needs just as important as everyone else’s
  •  take the time to physically care  for, and nurture yourself.

So take some time right now to really ponder the above 7 questions.

Don’t accept an answer from yourself of “I don’t know”. If that is what you feel then ask, “If I did know what might it be?” Take a guess. Believe, me some part of you does know why you over eat and what your triggers are. It also knows what the deeper initial self esteem beliefs may be.

Also please bear in mind that much of your “sabotaging” behaviour may be an attempt from your subconscious mind to keep you safe. For more info on this you may like to read Our Three Brains?

If all of this feels  too overwhelming, then I urge you to respect yourself enough to seek some outside help. Please remember that there are many real tools that you can learn to use that ultimately are so much better than the dieting yo-yo cycle.

Having someone to help you work through these challenges will make it all so much less terrifying and way more manageable.

Remember that you didn’t gain that weight overnight and it will be well worth your effort to discover how to Nurture Yourself Slim and make peace with your Food.

Imagine your life and how it would feel if you no longer went on diets, you have stopped emotionally eating, you easily make good food choices, you feel healthy, happier, more energized, you are able to wear the style of clothes that you really want to and your weight is naturally stable.

If you would like to learn more about what partnering with me to achieve your weight-loss goals in a sustainable healthy way could look like, in a way where you can Nurture Yourself Slim, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

So leave a comment or ask a question. Remember that your question or comment may help someone else as well.

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Passionate about supporting you to be able to be Happy and Fit in your skin,


Sonja Gwosdezki D.C.

Sustainable Weight-loss Coach

Wellbeing Empowerment and Stress Relief Expert