Think Yourself Slim? Can Your really?

You have seen the headings right? Think yourself slim? Can you really?

Recently I’ve read a number of weight-loss magazine articles based around the concept of Think Yourself Slim. Initially I was drawn to the title and excited by the idea that finally, how we are using brain and our thinking, was being promoted as an important part of a weight-loss program.

Unfortunately the vast the majority of these articles have left me rather frustrated!

Yes it is true that when trying to release unwanted weight how you think is a vital and often overlooked component of any weight loss program.  The trouble is that these articles only offer such platitudes as:

  • Think like a thin person
  • Visualise yourself the size you want to be
  • Love every part of yourself.
  • Just let yourself be vulnerable
  • Have a look at any resisting thoughts that you have and just release them.
  • Just surrender any low self esteem to the universe/God.

These statements are presented as “do this and all will be well” without really giving any tools for how to actually achieve that.

If it was just that easy to let go, I am sure that everyone would have already done it.

Basically I don’t believe that anyone really chooses to be miserable, stuck and unhappy.

While I do actually agree with all of the above statements about how to think yourself slim, but  I know that any woman who has been struggling with her body image and who has been overweight for some time will find it next to impossible to achieve this huge mindset shift without support and without being given  the extra tools required to be able to understand the “source” her thinking.

For over twenty years now I have  incorporated a deeply integrated Mind/Body approach to all my work with clients. My work is deeply informed by the understanding that it is our subconscious beliefs, fears and unresolved emotions that drive us to behave in the way that we do.

Time and time again I have seen what appears to be “lazy, undisciplined, sabotaging behaviour”, that is actually the subconscious brain’s (AKA the survival centre of the brain whose primary job is to keep you alive and safe) attempt to keep you safe.

It is only natural that we try to push away or block out unpleasant /unhappy feelings and emotions. But unfortunately just pushing it down, often with food , the energy  imprint of that emotion is still running within us.

When the underlying trauma or belief is uncovered and understood for its impact then it can be more readily released and a new more positive self-affirming belief installed.

So why would a part of me be wanting to keep me overweight and unhappy you might be asking?

It is a good question and often it seems hard to believe that “we might have some good reason for not wanting to be our ideal weight” (or any other thing that we might want to change in our lives).

Some subconscious beliefs that may be protecting you by keeping you fat can be

  • It is not safe to be attractive and visible
  • When I am thin I get hurt
  • When I am slimmer I’m not substantial enough to  cope with all the responsibility that I have
  • Others would be jealous if I am happy and attractive
  • I don’t deserve to be happy
  • I don’t know who I would be if I was different
  • All of my family are overweight; I don’t really want to be too different to them.
  • Or all my family are overweight so I am just doomed to be that way too

I have seen all of these belief patterns operating. I have also seen the powerful changes that occur when these are brought to light and cleared.  These powerful changes occur not just in the area of weight, but improved self confidence, reduced anxiety and depression and chronic pain and health issues.

I also have subconscious beliefs that prevent me from achieving my dreams goals etc, we all do. However I am fortunate enough to have learnt some powerful belief clearing processes.

It is possible to clear these without years of therapy and loads of deep pain. Neuro-Emotional Technique, Faster EFT, and Hypnosis, combined with the powerful questions within Transformational Coaching are the primary processes and techniques that I use. These processes easily uncover the deeper underlying issues and facilitated powerful and rapid clearing.

To me a successful healthy weight loss program will address

  • personal beliefs,
  • mindset,
  • possible  food allergies that may  affecting weight gain,
  • focus on a  nutritious way of eating that promotes a great health
  • the importance of self care

This type of combined approach will change your relationship with yourself which is the most vital   piece of a permanent solution to your weight issues.

You can begin the journey towards more deeply understanding what might be going on by asking yourself the following questions.

  • What might be the benefit of being unhappy about my body size and shape?
  • What deeper issues in life am I avoiding by focusing on being unhappy about my weight?
  • What could be a down side of being slimmer and happy with me as I am right now?

Give yourself quiet time to reflect on how it feels to ask yourself these questions. Do you feel any resistance to imaging yourself as you would like to be? I urge you to not dismiss what might be a seemingly nonsense answer as being unimportant. All too often the messages in these answers are at the core of the issue.

I would love to read what answers you come up with.So leave a comment below or  email your answers to me personally at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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Committed to supporting your weight- loss success journey as you change your relationship towards yourself,



Sonja Gwosdezki D.C (registered natural health practitioner)

Sustainable Weight-loss Coach

Wellbeing and Stress Relief Empowerment Expert