Tips 3 and 4 of Four Tips to enjoy eating less while maximizing food enjoyment.

The final tips 3 and 4  on how to eat less while maximising food enjoyment.This is a  series on how to eat less while enjoying your food more  as part of a healthy weightloss program.

These tips are  simple, yet often ignored and is a vital part in easily managing how much you eat and improving digestion and wellbeing.

It also does increase your food enjoyment. Tip 3 is to:

3.  Chew, chew, chew  … and then swallow.

Whenever you eat something you will increase the enjoyment of your food and eat less if you take the time to savour the food in front of you by chewing each bite until it begins to liquefy in your mouth. Then swallow.

Firstly, you will be surprised at the variety of flavours that you will notice. Way more than you may have ever noticed before.

Chewing your food in this way will also force you to eat a bit more slowly, which will ultimately help you to eat less than you otherwise would as yu will feel more readily  satisfied .

4. Eat Slowly

Slowly chewing your food well will give your brain time to register that your stomach is full.  There is a 15-20 minute delay in messages from the stomach saying “I have had enough” reaching the brain from the stomach.

If  you eat your food quickly you will not be able to notice when you have had enough and  will usually end up eating more than you need  with resulted  “Oh, I am really full” feeling.

Eating more slowly also allows your body to produce the digestive juices it needs to be able to break down food easily.

Do you ever experience gas or bloating after a meal? I personally and in my clinic found that simply chewing your food more thoroughly and stopping to put the knife and fork down between mouthfuls often reduces that problem.

So try this strategy. You may be surprised all of the benefits it brings.

I personally believe that if I am going to eat something then I am really going to enjoy it. If there is any sense of guilt about a specific food then   don’t to eat.

Please watch out for more simple strategies to end the dieting war and begin the path to developing a gentle relationship with you first. Then you can watch your body transform.

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