Tip 2 of Four Tips to eating less while maximizing food enjoyment.

There is step 2 in the series on increasing weightloss by eating less and maximising food pleasure.

By using our senses fully we can greatly increase the pleasure that we get from eating, improve our digestion and naturally eat less. This allows for gentle sustainable weight and fat loss without deprivation and with a sense of nurturing and self care.

In the first article the use and benefits of visual appreciation was discussed.

The second sense is the sense of,


Have you ever noticed that when you have a cold you can’t taste your food? Or that when you smell some great food cooking that you start to produce saliva and feel hungry?

That is because much of what we taste actually comes from the small particles we inhale when smelling food. This information goes to the brain to a part of the brain known as the olfactory system. This system is directly connected to the same part of the brain that registers taste.

Stopping  to smell you food before you put it into your mouth will increase your sense of enjoyment as well as improve your digestion and it will help you to register that you have had enough sooner.

People who have given up smoking often comment that they enjoying their food more now as they can actually taste it better.

Interestingly  though smelling food initially makes  you more hungry if you continue to smell you food regularly while you are eating then you will feel satisfied sooner.  This naturally and easily results in your eating less.

So before you start eating and then again several times throughout the meal, bring your fork up to your mouth, hold it there, inhale, stop and appreciate the aromas, then put the fork into your mouth.

BY the way, if you have difficulty being able to smell your food that may be due to blocked nose, allergic rhinitis or a zinc deficiency.

If poor sense of smell is on ongoing problem for you then I suggest that you see your health care practitioner or contact me, email hidden; JavaScript is required as it could be  an indicator of the above factors or other illness.

What can you discover when you stop to smell your food?

Does smelling your food change your enjoyment of your meal?

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