Creating true Health and Wellbeing requires an integrated approach.

Creating lasting health and wellbeing requires an integrated approach.

Here are many ways to examine the concept of health. One view is that health and wellness can be viewed as a triangle having three components, the structural, the biochemical and the emotional. If one side of this triangle is deficient it will affect the other two sides.

For more than 100 years, chiropractors have been addressing the structural side of the health triangle by correcting spinal subluxations/ spinal segment fixations with the intention of normalising nervous system transmission.

Clinical research released in the past few decades has helped our understanding of body chemistry and how it is affected by the foods we eat, exposure to toxic pollution, and allergens. This represents the biochemical arm of the triangle and is often addressed with clinical nutrition.

Many chiropractors have undertaken additional training in clinical nutrition and natural therapies. This work can enable their clients to improve body chemistry and function, Thereby helping to take care of the chemical side of the triangle.

Chiropractors who practice Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) have had training in a very effective tool that can be used to help address the emotional side of the triangle of health.

In the past, people related to emotions as being psychologically based.

Now scientific discoveries have shown that emotions are in fact physiologically based and experienced within the body.

The Longman Dictionary of Psychology and Psychiatry defines an emotion as: “A complex reaction pattern of changes in nervous, visceral, and skeletal-muscle tissues response to a stimulus … As a strong feeling, emotion is usually directed toward a specific person or event and involves wide-spread physiological changes, such as increased heart rate and inhibition of peristalsis.”

Research that began in the  early 1970’s by neuroscientists has now demonstrated that emotions are an interaction between chains of amino acids which form neuropeptides and receptors.

It has also been established that these emotional derived biochemical information substances travel to almost every cell in the body.

Every thought or feeling we have affects every cell of our body almost instantly.

We also now know that different emotions are “felt” in different parts of our body in different ways.

In the Chinese Medicine system acupuncturists as long ago as 3000 years correlated the different emotions to different organ meridian circuits in our body. For example: fear to the kidney, anger to the liver, grief to the lungs, etc.

Although the primary locations for the physiology of emotions are in the brain, spine, autonomic nervous system, and acupuncture circuits, emotions do affect all parts of the body in a physiological way.

Emotions are normal responses. Some emotions are pleasant and others are not and based on that we tend to call them positive or negative. All emotions serve us in many ways and have been an important information system crucial for our survival.

There are however times when due to poor spinal function, nutritional imbalance, general ill health or simply emotional overwhelm, that the normal emotional biochemical processing function of the body can be disturbed. This may result in “a stuck” or unresolved emotion.

In other words it appears, that our bodies can hold onto a response and “lock it” in our sympathetic nervous system as a neuro-emotional complex (N.E.C.).

In turn these “stuck” and repetitious emotional responses can then disturb, or continue to disturb, not only emotional wellbeing but the functioning of our body as well.

Eventually, unresolved emotions (conscious or unconscious) may manifest as a spinal subluxation or an imbalance in a muscle, organ or acupuncture meridian.

These N.E.C.’s may contribute to spinal pain, and frequently are the reason why, not matter hard you try to look after yourself you continue to experience re-occurring health problems or your adjustments just do not “hold”.

Generally when we have a poor body function, pain and muscle spasm we know that it is faulty body function and we take action uncover and relieve its cause.

Similarly, when an emotional response is happening at an inappropriate time, it is also a “faulty” function so it is good to seek help return that function to normal.

N.E.T. is a technique of finding and removing N.E.C.’s where ever they are being reflected within the body. Frequently they are found in the spine in the form of vertebral subluxations but they can afeect all body systems.

N.E.T. seeks to normalize a neurological imbalance using a structural correction. This allows a change in physiology. Click here for a detailed explanation of Neuro-Emotional Technique and what it is, how it works etc…

When an N.E.C. is eliminated, the nervous system can work better. This enables the body to be in a better position to heal structurally, emotionally or biochemically.

Just as an onion is has many layers we often carry accumulated layers of structural, biochemical and emotional imbalances that are causing ill health.

A chiropractor that uses NET is trained to search for, observe and correct each of these factors (including the N.E.C.’s) as they surface.

Each aspect or layer will only surface when your body is ready for that to occur. So your return to health can be described as a “peeling” away of the layers.

By addressing the Structural, Biochemical and Emotional sides of the triangle the Net practitioner/chiropractor facilitates healing in a way that is in harmony with the timing of the body’s own healing wisdom.

The reality is that chiropractic adjustments do not heal the body, food supplements do not heal the body, and removing an N.E.C. does not heal the body.

All of these “therapies” aid the body’s own healing wisdom to express itself. It is the body that heals itself. Chiropractic, nutrition and Neuro- emotional Techniques give it a helping hand by removing interference to that life force expression.