Could this be a missing link to your Wellness creation Success?

  Does it seem like there is Missing Link to your Wellness Success?

Your focus is on Wellness. You are doing all the right things. But still not getting results?

Do feel that you have been making a lot of lifestyle changes to improve your health, to create vibrant wellbeing, but are not getting the results that you think you should be?

You have changed your eating habits, with a new focus on healthy eating first; started do some form of fun movement or exercise every day and you’re trying to think positively, but the change in your energy levels and sense of wellness seems to be slow.  I know how frustrating that seems.

Before you start “blaming yourself or thinking what the point is, I may as well go back to my old ways” I want you to know that there could be a missing link that is blocking or slowing your rate of your success. Generally I find that there can be four important links that may be broken.

One very important  aspect which is often overlooked is the healthy functioning of your nervous system.

Your nervous systems main function can be summarized as “an information distributer and connector”. Your nervous system is responsible for co-ordinating messages to and from your brain to the rest of your body and back again. There is a constant exchange of information between body and brain, and brain to body about our external and internal environment.

So even if you are eating moving and drinking correctly and taking good vitamins if your nervous system is not processing it correctly then you will be unable to get the full benefits of all that you are doing.

If for example you are eating nourishing healthy foods but your digestive system is not receiving all the information that is needs to process food well a then what you are eating may not be absorbed well.

Stress is the main cause of interference to the Nervous system. This can be in the form of physical, nutritional, emotional or mental, and environmental stress. Often it is a little of all.

When the body is overloaded by re-occurring stress such a chronic poor posture, emotional tension, using strong chemicals to clean your house; this will be reflected by tension on your spine. This tension can cause a restriction in spinal segment movement or a subluxation. AS a result there is a change in the normal nerve flow between brain and the rest of your body via the spine and your body function may be compromised.

Getting your spine checked regularly by a chiropractor can keep can optimize spinal function, reduce stress and keep the flow of vital information flowing to and from the brain. This gives your body a better chance to function at its best.

So if you want to improve your health and enhance your wellness efforts then consider having your spine checked by a Chiropractor.

What are the other possible missing links you ask?  Watch for my next few posts where I will be discussing Attitudes, Emotions and Subconscious Sabotage; Allergies and Food Sensitivities; Body Ecology: Your External Environment.


Hopefully you found this useful.

Committed to supporting you to get well, stay well, live well, and Flourish.




Sonja Gwosdezki D.C.

Integrative Natural Health practitioner

Women’s  Wellbeing Navigator

Stress Relief and Wellbeing Empowerment Expert

Sustainable Weight-loss Coach