A single step to easily eat less, lose weight and enjoy your food more.

Do you eat while working at your computer, reading, watching T.V?

Or do you distract yourself while eating hoping that what you don’t actually savour won’t stick to your hips?

Eating while distracted can be an unexpected source of overeating, subsequent weight gain and indigestion. This behaviour tends to lead to overeating at the time or in the hours following the meal.

“People who multitask while eating feel less full after eating and eat twice as much later during the day as people who focus on what they were eating.” say researchers at the University of Bristol, England.

This research was supported by a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that found that workers who ate lunch while on the computer or multitasking were twice as likely to snack on cookies afterwards as were the group who did not multitask.

The researchers said that being distracted while eating inhibits “memory encoding” of the meal. Basically this means that you forget that you have eaten the meal.

Also eating quickly while not paying attention does not provide the stimulation that your brain requires to register just how much you have eaten.

I’m sure that you have experienced the shock of realising that you have eaten that whole bag of crisps, biscuits, cookies etc, when you were reading, playing a video game or watching T.V.?

So basically it is best if you eat mindfully and allow yourself to really taste your food. The visual pleasure of looking at your food and chewing well will also help your brain to register that you are satisfied or full more quickly.

So an easy way to eat less and prevent weight gain from overeating is to savour every bite, enjoy the flavours and eat slowly. This will lead to eating less and enjoying your food so much more.

Eating this way will also improve your digestion but that a story for another day.

Try eating mindfully for a three weeks and watch what changes for you.  I would love to hear what you discovered!

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