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stress matters

Stress Matters

The stress modern living  can leave everyone feeling tired , overwhelmed, fragile, as well as negatively affecting your hormonal balance, weight, energy levels, sleep quality.There are many forms of Stress…

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Nurture Yourself Slim

Nurture Yourself Slim

Tired of BATTLING YOUR WEIGHT ! Have you repeatedly tried the usual weightloss advice, and nothing seems to work? So now you are confused  and desperate.Discover what will work for YOU. There is another way…

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Women's Health

Women’s Health

Each decade of a woman’s life can bring different challenges that often feel overwhelming.Here is no need to suffer at any age! Be supported and empowered with knowledge of what works FOR YOU and enjoy life fully…

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Fertility Matters

Fertility Matters

Trying to conceive or get pregnant? Stress, modern diet, environmental toxins, our subconscious fears and beliefs; may all affect fertility and your ability to conceive.  Find out more here…

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 Creating “Vibrant, Well Women – through midlife and beyond”!

I’m, Sonja Gwosdezki D.C,  Integrative Natural Health Practitioner,Women’s Wellbeing Navigator with Stress and Wellbeing Expertise and I am passionate about helping women, release and transform Stress and anxiety, release emotional trauma, restore their energy,re-balance their hormones naturally,h so that they can lead Vibrant Healthy Flourishing lives through midlife, Menopause and way beyond. I use a wide range of natural integrated wellness therapies

Meet the Practitioner

Dr. Sonja Gwosdezki

Sonja Gwosdezki

Sonja Gwosdezki, D.C is an Integrative Natural Health Practitioner,Women’s Wellbeing Navigator with Stress Matters and Wellbeing expertise, dedicated to helping all women ( and their loved ones)  Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well, Flourish

Her professional passion is to offer a truly wholistic  body/mind approach to all your Health and Wellness needs by combining compassionate care, with the knowledge gained over decades of clinical practice, ongoing study and leading edge research. As Sonja works with you she will actively  support,inspire and empower you as you navigate your way back to Vibrant Flourishing Wellbeing.

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Recent research Studies are linking Stress and Infertility

Recent research Studies are linking  Stress and Infertility Infertility has until recently been primarily thought of as a purely physical... Read More →


Working with Sonja, I have felt empowered and supported in breaking old habits and in improving my health.I now know how to, change my thinking, let go of old emotional baggage, and what foods work for me. I love feeling calmer and more in charge of my life again.
Mandy S, Geelong
 Since working with Sonja I have stopped swallowing down my emotions by binge overeating and smoking. Thank you  
Lisa T, Torquay
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